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Read feedback and testimonials from some of the happy clients who have benefited from coaching and health interventions


About 6 months ago, I was referred to Ricka to help me work through a number of issues that I felt needed attention. As it turned out, the issues I originally identified were merely symptoms of far deeper beliefs and thought patterns that I never realised existed. But that was far from the end of the story.

I've been in therapy before and I know how therapy is supposed to work - session after session spent digging and reliving one trauma after another, with very little to show for it at the end of the day. Ricka is something else. Over the past 6 months, Ricka has used a combination of classic psychotherapy, hypnosis, kinesiology, NAET and good old-fashioned common sense to help me make strides I never thought possible. I see changes in myself quite literally after every session - some physical, some psychological.

When Ricka decided to start my NAET treatments, I presented her with blood tests listing 27 different food allergies. The effects of these allergens ranged from mild discomfort and water retention to painful IBS that could render me completely useless. We started with those allergies that had the greatest impact on my overall wellbeing and without fail, each treatment I received has allowed me to check off items from that list FOR GOOD. People don't believe me when I tell them a single treatment can be enough to eliminate an allergy that has plagued them for years, but I had egg for breakfast today. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And the same food that caused me untold misery in the past has caused me no discomfort whatsoever since it was treated 5 months ago. I challenge you to show me another treatment protocol with the same results.

Recently Ricka started using these same treatments to treat other areas of my life - emotional barriers and belief systems that have made me sick and caused me damage for years. As with the food allergies, the effects of these treatments have been almost instantaneous. Every now and then I'm surprised by changes in my behaviour - small changes on the surface which leave me speechless when I realise their true significance.

Unlike most forms of therapy, Ricka's preferred treatment style is designed to make significant changes fast, so you don't stay sick or broken a moment longer than you need to. In a way, I almost find that sad. While I'm delighted at my own progress, I am also extremely aware of the fact that in a few months, I will have reached my goals and then this incredible voyage of discovery will come to an end. I have come to see her as more than a gifted healer of hearts and minds - I've come to see her as a friend.

- Martie


I attended Ricka's Mindfulness in eMotion course in January 2012. This course has definitely changed my life.

The Techniques I learnt in this course have helped me in both my professional and personal life. I find my ability to cope with stress - the wrong kinds of stress - far more effective than before I took the course.

I have learnt to set clearly defined goals and identify and solve obstacles to achieving my goals. In fact during the course I discovered another way of realising a goal that I had long thought I would never achieve.

I have learnt to deal with my emotions and use them effectively towards achieving my goals. I use the techniques taught to us on releasing emotions daily and this has made me a much better wife, mother and employee.

I find myself happy for the first time in a long time.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone as it has helped me grow as an individual. Ricka as an NLP practitioner has a unique touch and has helped me develop the techniques I need to cope with my everyday life.

Thank you Ricka

- Tracy


I attended a workshop that was presented by Ricka van Zyl which provided me with the skills / tools to set goals and how to achieve those goals by way of letting go of a lot of emotions that is holding me back from achieving my goals.

I was taught to become emotionally mindful by working through certain emotions that I had not faced or that I had been too afraid to face. Through meditation (led by Ricka), I was able to recognize these emotions as the ones that were negatively affecting my not being able to reach those goals or my full potential. I was guided, through meditation, to work on letting go of these emotions (whether they were grief, fear, pride, etc) and to realise that I also need to be conscious of “my self-talk” especially when it is negative, as this affects my actions and belief in myself or lack thereof.

This workshop was so much more than just what I have mentioned above. I cannot begin to describe the benefits that I have begun to reap from this workshop.

I have set clear goals in both my personal and professional life (short and long term goals), I have been able to list; step by step, what action I need to take to achieve these.

I would not have been able to overcome as many obstacles in such a short time as I have after attending the workshop. The skills and knowledge that I have acquired over the period that I attended the workshop is invaluable and immeasurable.

There is no doubt that Ricka knows what she is talking about and that this workshop can help anyone achieve any goal/s that they may set their mind to!

- Cindy

David du Plessis

I would like to thank you for our session last week. What you did in 1 session, I could not get right after 2 years of seeing a psychiatrist. I have never felt so positive, inspired and happy and now I feel like I have the tools to use moving forward. Thank you!

- David du Plessis


I cannot begin to describe the benefits that I have begun to reap from this workshop. I have set clear goals in both my personal and professional life (short and long term goals), I have been able to list; step by step, what action I need to take to achieve these.

- Cynthia

TS, Workshop Attendee

The techniques that I have learned in this course have helped me in both my personal and professional life. … I have learned to deal with my emotions and use them effectively towards achieving my goals …

- TS, Workshop Attendee


Not only did I learn how to get to the core of what activities is needed in order to be successful , I also manage to compile a measuring tool to measure my own performance in reaching my goals. She also assisted in further ideas in growing my business. I use this system now on a daily basis.

- Anonymous

Hydromine Projects cc

Ricka van Zyl coached the office staff of Hydromine Projects as a team and on an individual basis. Although various, individual objectives were set for each staff member, a few of the recurring objectives were time and priority management, process planning, communication and overall role accountability. Unfortunately due to time and resource constraints some of the more specific objectives were not fully achieved, however, the coaching ultimately benefited the company. All staff were equipped with time management skills and by taking accountability in their roles, communication also improved amongst the staff and this resulted in better business processes. Evidence of this is seen in one particular staff member who became far more accountable for her role in the company. The coaching sessions further improved her confidence and made her more ambitious. This coupled with the improved communication between her and the management team resulted in her being promoted to a role where she has the opportunity to let her skills shine. As soon as Hydromine Projects' time and resource constraints subside, we will be sure to make use of Ricka's services again.

- Mr. H.J. De Lange, Member

Henry Dul

I kindly refer you to our numerous coaching sessions we had during the year, and wish to utilize this opportunity to thank you for the great work you have done.

With your assistance I have been able to be more focused, regularly preparing my 'to do' list, and have stopped procrastinating on things. In actual fact, you helped me finalise my book - a 4 year project, I procrastinated for the last 6 months to do one day's work! I would probably still be busy now, if it wasn't for you.

Motivation, positive attitude, getting things done ... all comes from within, however, sometimes we need assistance to rediscover these important attributes. Through the use of your skills, including hypnosis (that I told you will never work on me), 'homework', and various probing questions, I was able to turn my life, personal and business, around, and put it on a track that for many years will allow me to reap what I sow.

You have been able to remind me of the importance of my principles and to hold them in high regard. I am once again proud of my principles, proud to endorse them and to live by them.

Thank you for giving me back my mojo.

Henry Dul

October 2014

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