Change, Choice and Challenge

Seasonal Transition as Metaphor for Lost Time

During periods of transition, such as one year making way for a new one, or one season slowly receding and winter months looming ahead, we are reminded of how swiftly time passes. At the end of last year, you may have spent some time considering what it is that you would like to accomplish this year.

Now that the sunny summer months are ending, don’t you just wonder how time, so full of possibilities just a few short months ago, just stole away? And possibly, what happened to your good intentions?

While the change from an old year to a new one frequently leads one to consider optimistically the many prospects, whether these involve aspirations of love, family, career, studies or spirit, winter looming ahead reminds us that nothing waits for us. The winter months are also frequently a time when we also run the risk of losing some of our good spirit and optimism.

Use Inner Turmoil as a Tool during Stages of Transition

Instead of letting hope fade away with the end of summer, why not refocus your thoughts on that which recently inspired you and held so much promise?

And instead of letting the thought that you have hesitated and perhaps, let some opportunities pass you by, fill you with overwhelming disappointment or trepidation, consider that it is probably not yet too late to make work of those aspirations. One door may close, but others open, especially with attention focused securely on what you aim to accomplish.

Should emotional unease settle in as summer fades, consider using this as a useful opportunity to explore the source of your disquiet

We often treat our emotions like the enemy – even when all they mean to do is to give us a message, perhaps that something is out of balance or missing. As an alternative, consider how distressful emotions can help you.

What if they are reminders that you are capable of finding answers, making changes and taking decisions that will allow you to realise a more appropriate outcome?

By focusing on what is at the core of the emotion, you need no longer suppress or avoid it. Rather, consider what is uncomfortable, what you have been meaning to pursue, what it would mean if you could take a step forward, rather than staying stuck in your current state of mind? Or continuing on a road that may only intensify distress or regrets?

Whatever you think, feel and desire are valid for you, based on your individual aspirations, needs and the emphasis you place on the things you regard as important in your life.

Instead of despairing over the discomfort emotional signals bring, what would it mean for you to consider some of the questions included here, rather exploring the source of the unease than allowing gloom to set in?


  • What is at the core of this emotion – is there perhaps something that I need to let go of? Or pursue with more vigour?
  • What is this telling me that I have perhaps been ignoring?
  • Are there changes that I could make with relative ease that will ensure I do not have to live with regret?
  • Is there something I am afraid of, simply because I have never tried and the unknown seems threatening?
  • What would the true personal cost be if I should take one step in the direction of my true desire?
  • What is the worst that could happen if I am not immediately successful?
  • What would I gain if I commit to a little extra effort to achieve the desired outcome?

Instead of taking flight at possible obstacles in the pursuit of true fulfilment, consider what benefits you would gain if you were to unpack the aspects of your life that are less fulfilling. And consider what changes, which could be fairly insignificant, you could easily make to allow you to become the architect of your future. Change need not be overwhelming. It can happen one small step at a time; very seldom one does it all at once and very often, neither do you have to do it all on your own.

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