Emotional Health: Key to Performance Excellence

Emotional healing and peace

Your mind and your emotions can be your greatest supporter should you be on a quest to improve your life, reach goals in terms of career, emotional well-being, relationships, spiritual development or even overcoming those events in your personal history that may be preventing you from embracing your best possible present and future.

Your thoughts create your actions. Your actions create your results. Your results represent the world you find yourself in.

No life should be lived as a series of “what if’s”, “if only’s” and “could have’s”.

Anyone can turn an unlived life into a life of excellence – emotional excellence and performance excellence – by conquering their darkest emotions and giving life to their deepest ideas and ideals.

The most challenging aspect of life is often to find a way to overcome your own mental blocks and emotional limitations.

Happiness - Not "Out There" but "In Here"

Many people are under the illusion that happiness will result from "conquering the world" and when they do, they find that happiness is still eluding them.

Often the people we love become the target of our dissatisfaction, instead of finding the real source of our inner confusion.

Changing your perspective helps you to reach the clarity needed to triumph over resistance, procrastination or being stuck in a rut, allowing you to generate the energy and momentum needed to propel you forward on the journey of finding real solutions to reach emotional balance. When you feel good first, you are able to deal with other challenges more effectively, whether they are linked to communication, goals, relationships, behaviour, self-understanding or thought processes.

It requires real personal courage to face and find the true source of inner turmoil and to turn that into inner peace and true joy. Emotional strength is not avoiding, denying or distorting inner experience and presenting it as an act of bravery to yourself. Neither is it a sign of emotional strength to pretend that by accepting the so-called “inevitable” you will somehow change feelings of dissatisfaction into fulfilment. No-one should accept as reality what is truly totally unacceptable for you.

Emotional strength comes from overcoming emotions such as remorse, anger, anxiety, fear and depression. It comes from shifting your focus to creating self-confidence and courageous action while maintaining an enthusiastic and optimistic outlook and attitude.

Most people stop short of taking the first step onto the road to emotional healing. By taking control of your inner voice, the one that constantly warns you of the danger of the unknown, presenting the threats involved in taking a step towards that which will lead to better results, you can overcome the limits you place on yourself through your own thoughts and beliefs.

Ask yourself whether you can separate performance excellence, success, achievement, having healthy relationships and spiritual fulfilment from emotional well being. Based on that answer, consider what difference reaching inner peace and happiness can bring to your overall well-being and how that will change the totality of your life, for the better.

Upcoming Events

 Creativity Coaching Workshop Series

At your core you have beauty. At your core rests the voice for guidance, insight and wisdom.  Awakening this voice creates the certainty that you can direct yourself in an uncertain world.

Start date: 22 April 2017

Skype Coaching

You can choose whether you prefer to be coached one to one at my office, or via Skype. Skype offers the opportunity to eliminate unnecessary travel as well as an opportunity to be coached no matter where you stay.

You can make a special arrangement for a half hour Skype pre-coaching discussion, which is risk and cost free. In this way you can determine whether you would be comfortable to work with me and I can get to understand your needs before we embark on a joint journey.

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