Embracing Excellence: Passion

Use your radiant brain

We are all different and in some ways, we are all the same! We may have distinct passions and goals and journeys that are poles apart, but mostly we would all like to know what our real purpose is and experience true fulfillment as we travel to our particular destinations.

Our differences provide cause for celebration – it allows us to complement and support each other’s efforts.

One of the real gifts of life is to be able to know your passion and your purpose and to be clear about the path you are taking to turn passion into purpose and purpose into actuality.

Should you be unsure of your career calling, here are a few suggestions to assist with the exploration process.

Be sure to use a quiet time during which you will not be disturbed for any reason. If you practice meditation, it is valuable tool to help to focus your mind. Twenty minutes of meditation or contemplation is adequate.

Passion Exercise to Clarify Purpose and Goal

Write down all the things (tangible and intangible) that you would like to have in your life, even if some of them may seem unrealistic. Separate items related to career from the other items on your list. Rank the career related items from most desirable to least desirable.

Compare the lists – how compatible are the career aspirations with the other aspirations? If not well-matched, refinement is needed. For example, if you desire variety and excitement in life, a career that requires meticulous attention to detail and repetitive steps could result in misery! Once the overall aspirations are complementary, continue with the next step.

Consider what qualities, competencies, knowledge and resources you would need to transform each item on the list of career aspirations from a wish to reality, especially the ones that are the most desirable. Honesty is the key – be sure that you possess the personality and interests that will strengthen your efforts on the road to success and fulfillment if you take on this role in life.

Try it out: visualize clearly how a person in this career would need to act and communicate; what thinking and problem solving style is most fitting for the role; and what knowledge would be needed to successfully fulfill the role. Consider every other demand that is required if you desire to be excellent at what you choose to do with your life!

Decide whether you would be willing to invest concentrated time and effort so that you can develop the skills and knowledge to fulfil the vision.

Powerful Questions to Progress from Vision to Goal to Action

And ask yourself these questions – YES answers are critical:

  • Does the result evoke enthusiasm and optimism?
  • Are you energized by the thought of embarking on this journey?
  • Do you have faith in yourself and the process you would need to follow?
  • Do you feel inspired to start immediately?
  • Do you have the emotional and mental strength to deal with any adversity you may face during the journey, without throwing in the towel?

Once you have determined what your life purpose is by knowing your passion, you can then make the goal explicit. Any goal will need to have a realistic plan providing a map of how to reach the goal. Remember, a dream only becomes a goal once you have added a plan to the equation! And do not forget that action follows the planning process.


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