Emotional Strength for Purposeful Living

Tug of War Head and Heart

Truly expressing yourself and your talents requires mental clarity in terms of your personal vision and identity, passion and desire, effective planning and execution of plans, emotional balance, managing relationships, the art of persuasion, and much more. Feelings of frustration, fear, anger and anxiety stands in the way of living with purpose and expressing your natural brilliance.

Emotional balance and strength is part of the foundation for realizing the vision you hold for your life. It is not all that is needed, but without it, it becomes difficult to evaluate issues clearly, solve them effectively or to focus on your goals and follow through on plans.

Inner feelings always find outward expression, even if that expression is apathy or worry or sadness. And whatever the emotion, if it is allowed to consume the mind, it is difficult to achieve clarity of thought, to plan or to make appropriate decisions. The level of energy required focusing on a task or activity increases exponentially as the intensity of the emotion increases.

Feelings such as frustration, irritation, high levels of stress, dissatisfaction or disappointment are all very common experiences. They are seldom thought of in the same terms as fear, depression and anger; they may however have the same debilitating effect, especially if they are experienced continuously.

It is unrealistic to expect than no problems will ever cross your path and it natural to experience feelings of being burdened, frustrated, disappointed or sad. It is not the experience of the emotion that presents the obstacle; it is whether you are able to deal with it effectively within a reasonable period of time.

First, Identify and Acknowledge the Emotion

People who are able to identify their emotions accurately and to deal with them effectively are better able to bounce back from experiences that do not serve them in any way. Firstly, it is critical to know what you feel and what is at the core of the emotion (the trigger). Secondly, the healthy response is to acknowledge the emotion, allow it space within your inner being and yourself time to deal with it, whether it takes only a few seconds, minutes or a lengthier process. Emotions that are suppressed and ignored have the nasty habit of accumulating below the surface. And often the results of long term suppression are at best undesirable and at worst devastating.

Suppressed emotions also consume an enormous amount of mental energy. If taken to the extreme they can result in acute fatigue. Life can become very taxing when you have to cope with the normal daily pressures of family, work, social life, while at the same time also consciously or unconsciously keep the lid on unresolved feelings.

The more adept you become at identifying your emotions and dealing with them realistically, the stronger you become emotionally. Dealing with emotions realistically can take various forms, but it does not include explosive reactions, “spilling your guts” at every opportunity or living in your emotions every minute of the day.

Develop and Obtain more Resources

These are some of the things that can act as "resources", supporting you emotionally and that can also help you to take charge of emotional difficulties:

  • A positive attitude
  • A friendly demeanour
  • Gaining personal insight and acceptance
  • Learning how to communicate your ideas and thoughts effectively while allowing others to do the same
  • Being interpersonally perceptive
  • Having clear life goals and purpose
  • Setting realistic expectations when it comes to others and yourself
  • Accepting the past, planning for a purposeful future and functioning in the present instead of being stuck in the past or living in a future only existing in your imagination.

Techniques supporting Emotional Control and Stress Relief

  • Learning meditation and/or effective relaxation techniques
  • Using mental exercises that support concentration, memory, imagination, problem solving, and so on
  • Actively clearing emotional obstacles
  • Physical exercise and appropriate nutrition
  • A good support system

Liberating yourself from emotional traps will free up mental and physical energy and more importantly, allow you to decide how you want to spend that energy. At the very least you will have the opportunity to think about what it is that you really want out of life, and decide whether it is important enough to pursue.


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